Thursday, March 1, 2012

We shared the same last name and the same color eyes, but we fought like tigers over that old red bike

Nancy shared this morning that her daughters like to fight over a princess plate. She ribs them, good naturedly, that such fights are silly, but I'm sure she had her fair share of such disputes with her five siblings. I know I did!

For some reason, the pink cup and bowl in our stash of neon colored dishes were the BEST. The yellow, green, and orange ones were all inferior in some way. I'm sure we tried to take turns, but there were still fights about it all the time. The tan colored Tupperware bowl was also a source of mealtime contention, because it was shaped differently than the others.

Did the food taste different when eating out of those bowls? Of course not. I know that's what Mom would always remind us of when we lost the fight.

At some point, we grew out of it. I've looked for the pink bowl the last few times I visited home, and I didn't see it. Maybe it melted in the dishwasher or Dad used it for paint or we never actually grew out of it like I thought - Mom just threw it away when we weren't looking.

What silly fights did you and your siblings get into?


Nancy said...

Oh—yes, we certainly did have our share of dumb fights. For some reason we had one fork that had a rose on the was like the golden grail of dinner time. :)

And there were other things, of course.

Emily said...

we had a weird spoon w/ a "P" on the handle, that was a pretty big deal, too