Monday, August 16, 2010

County fair, county fair, Everybody in town'll be there

As promised, this weekend involved petting goats and eating fried Oreos, plus a lot more fun times, at the Howard County Fair with the Bluebell family.

Big O and the friendly goat

Hey look! That's my hand! And a happy goat!

Bluebell and Little S check out a chick
Aww, sibling piglet love
The goat got a little too curious about the contents of Mr. Bluebell's pocket

Mmm, fried Oreos


Hang gliding!
The boys and I also threw darts at balloons and we all three won a prize! I decided that the carny didn't need correcting that I wasn't "Mama", as he kept calling me as he encouraged me (e.g. "Try it again, Mama!"). I'm just going for Coolest Fake Aunt these days, and since Little S' favorite thing was the dart throwing, and that was my treat, I definitely think I'm in the running!


John Pilmer said...

Pet the nice little goat. Pet the nice little pig. Now, eat the nice little pig. :-)

Giggles said...

Yea for goats!!