Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well, alright, okay, you win

Today's wins:

Hello, it's Friday.

Being offered a spot on a Career Advisory Service for a national professional organization (once it's official, I'll tell you which one)

Winning a ticket to tomorrow's Georgetown Hoyas game

Helping Fran with a job application

Adding more music to my library's new collection

Dinner tonight is with the "nephew" and parents

I'm wearing my favorite flip-flops even though it's still a little cold because my toes just wanted to be free. I'll real shoes again tomorrow.

Today's not so much wins:

Still job hunting for myself

It's just one ticket to the game, and before I found that out, I offered the extra ticket to someone who was very excited to go. I'll probably just let him take the one, since he'd have a better time overall than I would (though I would have fun). Alas.

Overall? Not bad. Not bad at all.

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Giggles said...

My Friday wins:
Seeing the "air show" the air force base puts on occasionally when they are doing whatever it is they normally do with their planes and I just happen to be out at the time and see them zipping around the sky all cool like.

Seeing a mother nature air show when a hawk was floating effortlessly in the sky all beautiful like.

My Friday not so much win:
The guy yelling at the stalled bus I was on because it was in his way. As if the bus driver decided to stop in the middle of the intersection on purpose! As if yelling at a bus will make it move! Some people are stupid. But I can generally laugh at stupid people.