Monday, March 1, 2010


Blogstalking. Blogsurfing. We all do it. Following the links on a blog's sidebar, whether or not we like the person. Sometimes we even discover a new blog to follow, whether or not we know the blogger. I know I have a few readers I don't actually know (hi guys!), but we read each other's blogs and feel like we know each other, and relatively well at that.

Fortunately, it's totally acceptable! Even welcome! Some bloggers even feel like they've made it when someone comes up to them in public and says "Hey! I know you from your blog!"

Well, folks, I am one step closer to that.

One of the blogs I follow but don't actually know the writer is Cicada Song. I knew her parents live in the area, and I actually saw them once at a fireside Mormon Choir was singing for. I even talked to her dad that night, because he was part of Brotherface's mission presidency, and he had just gone home. I don't think I mentioned that I read his daughter's blog, but I was definitely thinking it.

Last night, I was with Bluebell and her family at their ward sock hop (which was quite fun, I might add), and who should walk in but Cicada's parents? I told Bluebell how I "know" them and she introduced me to Cicada's mom. We talked for a few minutes and remarked that Cicada loves it when her readers talk to her, and I asked her to tell her that Amanda Stretch says hi.

"Oh! AmandaStretch! I recognize you from your comments! Whenever I read a comment that's particularly interesting or funny, I'll follow their links and check out their blog! I DO know you are!"



Belle of the Blues said...

I just love that you use song titles for all of your posts (at least lately). It was great to hang out! xo

Cristina said...

This is a very, very, very small world we live in. I know of Cicada through a completely different path. I even met her once, long ago, in Provo. We went to dinner with a mutual friend.

So weird...haha