Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday is a special day

Saturday = my favorite day of the week. They're mine to fill as I see fit, with any manner of shenanigans or tomfoolery. No two are exactly alike. Some are busy. Some are not. Usually they include activities both responsible and not, so even if I spend a lot of the day goofing off and doing fun things, the entire day is not wasted. Of course, John Lennon supposedly said "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." And with how much I love summer? Summer Saturdays are The Awesome.

Today was no exception.

I woke up nice and early (okay, admittedly, this was not my favorite part of the day) and went to the church to help clean the building. That goes by rather quickly with enough people. And following another girl around and replacing the trash liners isn't terribly difficult. Also, there were doughnuts.

Then, it was time for the stake Cultural Arts Day, which, conveniently, was at the same building. (See how I sign up for church cleaning on the day same day I'm already planning on being at the church? Yeah, I'm thoughtful like that sometimes.) They had a handful of classes throughout the building designed to introduce the participants to various new hobbies or talents. I attended biographical writing and woodworking, and all I wanted to do immediately following is finish the biography project I started when I was 12 or 13 (I wonder where my notes are . . .) and build a wood studio in my garage. One of those will likely happen sooner than the other. What I did instead was get my car washed and grocery shop. Weehoo.

This afternoon was the most adventurous part of the day. I joined other DC Defenestrators for a street improv project involving a lot of people carrying bananas or dressed as bananas, and one dressed as a gorilla trying to quit his banana addiction. We did a couple of freezes at Sculpture Garden and Navy Memorial, and filmed some chase scenes on the Mall. Seriously. It was random and nerdy and totally enjoyable. I'll post the footage as soon as I see it.

Tonight I had the option of cleaning my apartment or going to a gigantic multi-stake luau. I'd had my fill of crowds and small talk (plus, I didn't feel too great - too much sun + not enough water), so I chose the former. I've also been out just about every night this week, so I needed a quiet one at home.

Which is the glory of Saturdays. I have that option!

Plus, I got to hang my new clocks.

Maybe it will help me be on time more often if I actually know what time it is, without relying on my cell phone or the digital clock that's sort of hiding in my living room. Only time with tell. rimshot

Why did you do today? What's your favorite day of the week?


chosha said...

Loving the clocks! This last Saturday was the first one in a while that I could use anyhow and what a great thing that is. Got my hair cut, made a big pot of soup, and started reading 'My Sister's Keeper', which I'm hoping to finish before I see the movie.

Emily said...

I had all kinds of fabulous plans for Saturday... but spent the day on the couch w/ a fever... watching TV w/ my invalid brother who just had surgery... it could have been worse, but was not very fun...

Giggles said...

Saturdays are when I grocery shop and vacuum. Other cleaning gets done on other days. I also have my Saturday morning "cartoons" (which are actually sewing and home improvement shows on PBS, but I still get up early for them).