Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'll just unplug it for to-day

I hit a pretty big milestone at work today. Everything I personally needed to catalog before I build the library in the circulation software and, sort of simultaneously, physically reorganize the place is CATALOGED!!!!

Why, yes, I have been working on this project as much as possible for two years. The first day of actual cataloging was almost exactly two years ago. And it's done! Monday, I can open Unicorn Ecole and actually use it, instead of just looking at it and thinking "someday". I will also keep throwing things away. It's sort of nice that there just aren't enough trash cans around to do it in one day. I have a LOT to do around here still, but when an entire phase is complete, that's a reason to celebrate. Also, I'm happy that other librarians are excited for me and recognize my knowledge and professional status and willing to help me with various things, even when the non-librarians don't.

So, what to do to celebrate? Well, I think I'll go grocery shopping and hit up Bed Bath and Beyond (melted cheese on a plate + hot water = cheese melted into my dish scrubber sponge). Fun, non? Maybe I'll order a pizza. After the grocery shopping and before tonight's wedding reception. I took the groom on a date once, about a month before he started dating his now wife . . .

What I'll definitely do is share this week's SOTW - "Daylight" by Matt & Kim. It's already on the playlist, but the music video is worth enjoying, so click on song title. I'll be darned if you don't smile too.


Jasmine said...

What a way to celebrate--MORE melted cheese! :)

Congratulations! It feels so great to reach a big goal, doesn't it.

chosha said...

I know I just commented about your new playlist, but I have to do it again. I've had it playing for two days straight and there's some great music there. Current favourite is 'Passenger Seat'. Thanks for sharing - your taste in music is awesome!

AmandaStretch said...

Jasmine - It certainly does!

Chosha - Thanks!! I'm glad you like it, and that's one of my faves too!