Monday, August 27, 2007

A Letter to Myself

Ten years ago, the Young Women in my ward put together time capsules for ourselves. We could set to open it whenever we chose, and I decided that I would open mine in 2007, ten years to the day it was sealed. We put whatever we wanted to remember in large food storage cans and sealed them. I kept my can in my closet, and would see it every so often. 2007 seemed so far away! Since I kept seeing, and remembering a few items I had placed in it, I was afraid that opening it would be a big disappointment. I was wrong.

When I moved to my first post-college apartment, I didn't take my time capsule with me. Therefore, when I was packing to move to DC, I didn't even think about it. Home for Christmas last year, I found it in my old closet and was so excited that I would finally get to open it! I brought it back to DC and planned to have a party or something when it was Time Capsule Opening Day.

I forgot about it again until about two weeks ago, when I looked at the date and realized it was set to be opened on August 20, 2007. Great! Except that this was the day I was going to wake up in Utah, spend most of day on a plane, and fall asleep on the East Coast. I decided I'd once again take it back to my parents' house and open it with them.

I almost forgot it there too, until I was packing for my return trip. "Mom! I forgot to open my capsule! I guess we'll have to open it in the car on the way to the airport!" By this time, it was just her and me anyway, as my dad and sister were working. We brought a can opener, and on August 20, 2007, this is what I found:

A Young Women's calendar from August 1997
3 Musketeers candy bar wrapper
Piece of whatever my favorite gum was at the time
Lots of pictures (if I can access a scanner, or you ask politely in person, I will gladly share)
Copied pages from my 1996-1997 yearbook (7th grade)
Pogs (Do you remember Pogs!? They were so rad!)
A ticket from a Tracy Byrd concert I'd attended with my mom the previous year
Prairie Diamond ring
Friendship ring


Not one, but TWO letters to myself. I will share them in the order I discovered them. Keep in mind that I'd just had reconstructive foot surgery (a story for another day), that I was living in Texas, and that I'm awesome.

Dear Amanda,

Hi! It's you, as a 13-yr-old person. How ya doin'? Just somethin' to remind you of yourself. For instance, your favorite color is purple. Your Uncle Vernon is just announcing his engagement to Joshephine Preston. Vernon is 32 years old. Your favorite subject is English I, Mrs. Gerber. Your absolute best friend is Chantal Barner. You had surgery about 5 weeks ago and you are wearing a purple cast. Hopefully you still have it. You started walking one week ago. Your favorite animal is Panda (Amanda Panda Sandra Sue). I love you. Stay active in the church and love Christ. Let your light shine! DON'T BE SHY!

13-year-old Amanda

Dear Amanda,
Howz it going? I'm great. Hopefully by now you have gone on your mission. Where did you go? I hope you had a great experience. Are you dating worthy members? Great (or not?)! You are staying active right? You should be. Have humans been on Mars? Is there a colony on the Moon? What is TV like? Are cigarettes legal? Who's been president (church and U.S.)? Whatever.

:) <3 :)

<3 ya,

Apparently, some things have changed. I was amused that I didn't ask if I was married, just that I was dating. Uncle Vernon is still happily married with three lovely daughters. And no, humans have not been on Mars, though I think I've dated a few guys I wish I could send there (or that must have come from there).

I laughed and laughed when I read these letters, simply because I was the coolest 13-yr-old person on the planet. I also discovered that cards made with pressed, dried flowers do not keep well and will get flower dust everywhere. Still, I was highly amused, and hope you are too.


<3 ya!


Heidi said...

Man. I'm afraid to look at anything from 10 years ago. So much has changed, and those memories feel like they happened to a distant acquaintance. I don't know if my 22-year-old self or even my 13-year-old self would like or understand me. :)

Which could be awesome. ;)

Nancy said...

Yes, you're awesome!