Thursday, November 24, 2016

You light up my life

 2016 has been a big year. What I am most grateful for today is that we are here! We all made it to Japan on the same flight and began this crazy adventure together. There was some concern in all the preparations that we might not. My medical took longer than we anticipated. I wasn't actually on the original hard orders (the papers order we use to show many, many people that we're assigned to be here together - soft orders are by word of mouth). Malcolm had lots of paperwork on his own. 

But we did it. Paperwork was done. Screenings were completed. Travel was traveled and we are here. 

For five months, we'd occasionally look at each other and say "We're moving to Japan. Weird." Now we still look at each other and say "We live in Japan. Weird." Weird, but amazing, and the longer we are here, the more we get accustomed to everything and settled in, the more amazing it will be.

Here are some other things I am grateful for this year:

Japanese humor (Sadly, this is way too small for Malcolm.)
Delicious Japanese snacks - so much better here, and more variety.
The view from our dining room balcony, especially with the first November snow in the Tokyo region in 54 years this morning. I predict even more leaf color explosions within a few days. 
That I can listen to BYU football on KSL radio anywhere, including lunch breaks. I've even been to watch some. Thanks internet!
Funny things at the 100 yen store

Being able to share Thanksgiving dinner with friends new and old. I have loved the just us Thanksgivings of the last few years, but this was pretty nice too.
Working for the United States Navy

Of course, there is the usual family, good health, home, and more. I am truly blessed in this life. Lisa and Heidi and I did a thing where you type "This year for Christmas I want" and then push the middle button until you have a sentence. My phone gave me: "This year for Christmas I want a new house for Christmas but I'm also a good person and a good friend and I love it so far and I'm so good with this beautiful life."

For a phone I've only had for five weeks, that pretty much sums it up! And I already have my new house!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

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