Saturday, July 13, 2013

The World Spins Madly On

When we were little, my siblings and I begged for a dog, as so many children do. We got all the typical reasons why we couldn't - Dad's allergic, we don't think you're ready, we can't have dogs in our apartment, etc. Finally, the summer of 1997, while living in Beaumont, TX, and finally in a house instead of an apartment, our parents finally agreed to a dog and we started looking. An ad in the local newspaper for miniature beagle puppies caught our eye and we gave the guy a call. There were two left in the litter and while Brotherface was sure we wanted the one with the saddle, Sisterpants and I said we wanted the one with more spots, and the family consented. When we got to the breeder's home, the one we'd requested was climbing through the chain link fence to greet us. He was just that excited to join our family and we couldn't wait to take him home when he was weaned a few weeks later.
Meeting Logan with Brotherface in white, Sisterface in blue holding Logan's littermate, I'm in orange

Mom suggested we name him Logan, after Logan, Utah, and it stuck. He was perfect.

We should have taken it as a sign that he was going to be our little escape artist when he greeted us by climbing out of the chain link fence. Our chain link fence at home was no match for him and we had to keep a careful eye on him, because he'd bolt at any opportunity. He continued to have a penchant for exploring even when he was bigger and there was a door ajar. Most of the time, he'd end up at the exact same friend's house, but sometimes he was taken to a vet or even the pound once.

The humor columnist Dave Barry once described beagles was "noses with four feet attached." And that was our Logan. He sniffed around the yard so much, in the same pattern for the fourteen years my parents have lived in their house, that the grass is worn down. When it snowed, the snow melted along his trail faster, since he'd still walk it everyday. Our yard was carefully guarded from all manner of foul beasts - birds and squirrels were no match for his bark; he even "treed" an opossum once. Of course, Logan LOVED walks and hikes and we loved having him along.

Happy dog after a hike with me and Blake last summer
Logan loved snacks. If you were eating or preparing food, Logan wasn't far away.
What's Dad making? Logan doesn't care.

Logan was a champion sleeper. If he wasn't snuggled on a human (he used to be little enough to climb up the couch and nap on Dad's shoulder), he could also be found under bed covers.
Sisterpants and Logan
Napping with Brotherface

He loved helping with the dishes. Sure, this could trained away, but we never did.

Okay, we did usually stop him from getting all the way in
His favorite toy was his pal, a dog puppet that used to belong to Brotherface. That thing was disgusting and torn to shreds and made for epic games of tug-of-war often followed by snuggling it to sleep.

Of course, Logan's favorite thing was his people. He was incredibly friendly to everyone, but he made sure you knew he was grateful to see his favorite people, especially his family, whether you'd been gone for an hour or six months and gave you lots of excited howls and hugs and love.

So much love.

We loved Logan back. And we loved him back enough to know that, earlier this week, it was time to say goodbye. He was 84 in dog years and had lived very full and happy life. Thanks to FaceTime and G+ Hangouts, I got to say goodbye in as person as possible, though what I wouldn't have given for just one more Logan cuddle.

Logan was the most wonderful dog, and I'm so grateful for the time I had with him. Thank you, Logan, for being part of my life.


Emily said...

I love my Logan puppy :) I miss him so much.

Giggles said...


Pets are like siblings that never grow up. I firmly believe they are eternally part of our families.