Friday, August 15, 2008

My life is better than yours

This week has been lots of fun. I'm much more relaxed without school, and am not even stressing that I have less than a week now to get my room in tip-top shape. Last week, I was staying up until 1 AM or later to work on my term project, and Lack of Sleep + Stress + Anxiety = A Very Tired, Grouchy Stretch. This week, I've been staying up until 1 AM watching the Olympics and letting the clutter pile up around me, and Lack of Sleep + Fun + Men In Swimsuits = Happy, Only Kinda Tired Stretch. Also amusing is talking to Eilonwy on Gchat and commentating on the Olympics together. Our transcript from Tuesday night is still making me giggle.

Tonight was dinner at Indebleu for DC's Restaurant Week. I looked hot in my new skirt and earrings and rhinestone ankle band stilletos, and the food was just yummy.

Virgin Blackberry Mojito

Crab Fritter
tempura jumbo lump crab flavored with fennel & chili, curry remoulade

saffron and chili rubbed, lobster butter, roasted garlic potato puree, broccoli rabe, buttered mint peas

Bread Pudding
chocolate & banana, mint ice cream

This weekend I hope to be somewhat productive, but if not? Oh well! I'll blame the suddenly intriguing water polo.


Giggles said...

And the men in gymnastics outfits mean nothing to you?

AmandaStretch said...

New equation!

Lack of Sleep + Fun + Men In Athletic Apparel = Happy, Only Kinda Tired Stretch