Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Listen girl to what I say about the man from Gallifrey

I was introduced to Doctor Who during my last semester of college when the reboot was starting. I watched the first two episodes of the show before the guy who introduced me to it and I broke up. This was pre-Netflix and I don't think my ex was exactly acquiring his recordings through legal means anyway, so no more Doctor Who for me for awhile.  

Eventually, a few years ago, I rediscovered the show on my own and this time it stuck. I fell in love and it's definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. I introduced Blake to it sometime last year (and I watched The West Wing for him - also loved it) and, thankfully, he's become a fan. Once the 50th anniversary special date was announced, we had a deadline for getting him all caught up.

We met that deadline by Saturday afternoon, just in time.

Saturday evening, after recording the afternoon simulcast of the special so we could watch it anytime, we had two other couples over for a Doctor Who themed dinner party. Four of the six of us wore Doctor Who themed shirts and we had lots of yummy Doctor Who treats.

We made:

Bowties (Blake made these)

Drums of Madness (Cucumbers filled with herbed cream cheese)



"Fish fingers" and custard

Sonic Screwdrivers

Sonic Screwdrivers the beverage (OJ and lemonade with mint leaves)
Cassandra Lasagna

Our friends made:

TARDIS brownies

Complete with marzipan Dalek

Three Doctor Bowtie pasta (three cheeses)

Slitheen eggs

Fez and Bowtie pasta

It was all delicious and the evening was a complete success. We all enjoyed the special and it was great fun to have some people to share in my nerdiness! 

For the record, my favorite Doctor is Tennant, followed closely by Eccleston. Smith is good and I accept him as the Doctor, but it's only at the end of his tenure that I'm really starting to like him. I am definitely looking forward to Capaldi! Someday, I'd also like to watch the original series, but I don't consider myself any less of a fan for not having done so yet. 

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I love a good themed party. :)