Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good times never been so good! (SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!)

Just can't keep us out of the mud!

We decided we enjoyed our last mud run so much that we'd do another one, and we couldn't have picked a better weekend for it. We realized November 2nd might be chilly, but we signed up anyway! Turned out to be a great morning for slogging through mud and climbing over things, once the sun came up.

The course, by Rugged Maniac, was a 5K through a scenic farm with about 20 obstacles, most of which were in the last mile, once you're tired from walking or running the first two miles. We managed to finish in about an hour and ten minutes, which was better than last time, and had a blast throughout! We felt it was better organized than the last one and had a better variety of obstacles, plus they played a song from the Doctor Who soundtrack at least twice! (Not the theme song, but the one that plays when he's running around adventuring during action sequences or about to solve something.)

By the end, we were covered in mud, tired, but still felt really good and glad we did it. We're a little scraped up, bruised, and sore, but it was so worth it. The epic nap (2 hours for me) we had after we got home, fed, and showered was pretty nice too.

Here's what Blake said about it on Facebook (re-posted with his permission):

Awesome day today. 
The mud run went great, this was the first time I've managed to do all the obstacles in one, so while my arms and shoulders are very tired, I'm happy. 
Weather was awesome for November, high fifties to low sixties, so you never got hot and the exercise kept you from getting cold.
Favorite obstacle was probably a crawl down a sloped pipe, through a barbwire covered mud/water pit, then up another sloped pipe. Or, the last one which was a climb up a wooden wall onto a cargo container, across a cargo net bridge to the top of two cargo containers about twenty feet away, then down a water slide to the finish stretch.

Best moment, of course, was crossing the finish line holding my wife's hand. She is one tough trooper, and way better at crossing mud covered balance beams than I am. I'm glad she's gotten me into this stuff and is a loyal teammate to run with.

Great date (we found a groupon, so it was dirt cheap to register for the mud run) and pizza later today will top it off nicely.
He's absolutely right. And that was my best moment too, though my favorite obstacle was probably a charge up and slide down a ten foot mud hill, followed immediately by a 20 foot long balance beam over a pool of muddy water. Or the cargo container climb and slide.

We're already looking forward to our next one sometime next year!

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