Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feed me, Seymour

I started The Hunger Games trilogy when I was home for Christmas in 2010. Even though I really could have used the sleep, I stayed up until 4 AM one morning reading the first one. I don't remember if that's when I finished it, but I was hooked either way. Best books or series ever? Probably not, but I definitely liked them a lot.

Even though I didn't know it at the time, these books were kind of a life changer. Because we both liked the books, Blake took me to see the first movie on our first date. As such, the story and the movie holds a special place in our hearts. We didn't go so far as to have a Hunger Games themed wedding, but we both carried mockingjay pins, me in my bouquet and him on his boutonnière. 

We knew that when the second movie came out it would make sense for us to see it. Fortunately, Miss Apple included us in a group invitation to see it tonight at a theatre in downtown DC. We happily accepted!

A fun thing Blake and I do is save all our spare change in a small mason jar. When the jar is full, we each guess how much might be in if before we count it out. Whoever is closest decides what we do with the money. The first time, Blake won and we went to a delicious Thai food restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. This time, I won and after several weeks (we've been busy) decided that this outing would be financed by the coin jar collection. 

The plan was to meet up in Chinatown after work, have dinner by ourselves, and then join up with the group for the movie. Yestersay, I got a Buy One Get One coupon from Noodles & Co in my email. Bam! Dinner location chosen and I suggested we use the saved dinner money to make a rare splurge on popcorn and a drink at the movie theater. 

Unsurprisingly, we had a great time. Dinner was tasty, the movie really good, and we enjoyed seeing our friend. It was also nice to have an evening out in DC. We don't do that particularly often. 

I'm quite glad we spent our jar money this way. We're already looking forward to the next film! 

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Giggles said...

Yea for books being part of the birth of relationships!