Saturday, November 16, 2013

It goes on and on and on and on

Earlier today I finished the fourth book in the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. They are really fast reads with compelling stories, so I'm not surprised.

 I like series like that. When I was fourteen, I read the entire Work and the Glory series within a few weeks. It helped that we had a twelve hour road trip (each way) to my grandparents' house. I flew through those. 

There are other series I need to read or read again. For example, it's been awhile since I read the Little House on the Prairie series, but I recently bought it at a book sale, so I should get on that. I also have the Anne of Green Gables books, but I've never read more than the first one. 

Other series I love: Lemony Snicket, Harry Potter, The Babysitters Club, Goosebumps, Animorphs, The Chronicles of Narnia, and I'm sure others I just can't think if right now. I just getting invested in an engaging story with interesting characters for a good while. 

Whet about you? What are your favorite series?

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Giggles said...

I've heard that children are more likely to get into reading if they are reading a series. I know I really enjoy a good series.

Some that you didn't mention - Artemis Fowl, The Dark is Rising, Chronicles of Prydain, A Wrinkle in Time and the other books that follow that family. And I was really into The Black Stallion and the Indian in the Cupboard when I was in elementary school.

I think the only adult series I've read is the Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy.