Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why does this girl smell of orange trees?

Nancy tagged me, so I now have to come up with seven things you may not know about me.

#1 - I prefer French cut green beans over any other kind. I think it's because it has less bean skin texture and taste, and more of the inside, which is the good stuff. This is one of the few things I will buy without a specific meal in mind. I love them.

#2 - I HATE getting out of bed in the middle of the night, for any reason. I'm not afraid of the dark, nor do I think that someone is going to jump out and attack me. I just don't like it, and will often contemplate just how much I need the bathroom or how thirsty I am before I finally get up. It's probably leftover from when I was younger and was so terrified of conjuring something in my mirror that I thought even flushing the toilet would do it. Remember those mirror games and the scary stories the older kids told you? Yeah. I was freaked. For awhile after my grandfather died, I was scared he would appear (not that he would attack me, but remember I'm being anything but rational here), other times it was Bloody Mary. Sadly, last night, after going to bed thinking about this post (I read Nancy's blog late last night), I had to get up twice in the night, and both times thought "I need to add this to my list."

#3 - I own Casablanca, but I still haven't watched it. Nor have I watched The Triplets of Belleville since I bought it. Maybe that's what I'll do once finals are over . . . I highly recommend Triplets. I'll let you know about Casablanca.

#4 - I still wear clothes from high school. In fact, the sweater I have on right now is one I wore in in my senior pictures. They still fit. They're classic enough to still be fashionable. So there.

#5 - I still sleep with a stuffed animal. His name is Jordan. I've had him for more than 22 years, and have slept with him the entire time. He's a small, light pink bear, very worn, faded, and loved. He doesn't go on all my overnight trips anymore, but that's only a change as of this last couple of years. He's been to Europe with me, and will be going again. I'm not sure what I'll do when I get married.

#6 - I once made up a religion with my high school best friend. We called it MoJewBuCa - Mormon/Jewish/Buddhist/Catholic. I don't remember what our Jewish or Buddhist tenets are or where those parts came from. But, we decided on the Catholic part when we were in Macey's one night and saw the Catholic prayer candles. Speaking of Macey's . . .

#7 - I've been kicked out of Macey's. For my non-Utah readers, that's a grocery store. It's cheap and kind of geared toward Mormon families (lots of bulk items, etc.), and you pretty much can't go without running into at least three people you know. Getting kicked out is rare. It was a Friday night and my friends were in an ice cream fight, which got all over the floor. I was only guilty by association, but we were all asked to leave.

Hopefully you're a little more enlightened now. I had fun with this.

I tag Reimsy, Miss Giggles, Theater Geek, and Fran, and anyone else who wants to be tagged.


Fran said...

A. I can still fit into my high school choir dress...30 pounds later.
2. You tagged me! ack!
and C. I hated the mirror games. I still have troubles with it sometimes.

emily said...

sorry to disappoint you chica, but i really did know all of them- even the maceys one ;)

AmandaStretch said...

*sigh* Oh well. That's what you get for being my sister.