Saturday, November 3, 2007

Everybody's workin' for the weekend

This weekend is going to be wonderful. The opportunities before me are rare and I'm rather looking forward to it.

First rare opportunity - all of my roommates, including the one in the basement I hardly see anyway, are going to be out of town from now until Sunday night. This means that no one can fight me for hot water, the stove, the washer and dryer, the remote, or the best spot in the living room. We actually never fight anyway, which is great, but I don't have to defer to anyone's needs but my own.

Second, I have surprisingly few social engagements. The last month has been filled with a myriad of activities, and I've enjoyed them all, but not having any is also really nice. I am meeting a friend tomorrow at the temple, and again on Sunday evening to visit the monuments. As far as I know, that's it. If anything else is going on, I haven't heard about it yet.

Third, that friend is my dear Theater Geek, who will be visiting from Utah for a work conference. He's a great friend, and I admire him very much. I look forward to being able to show him around this fair city, at least a little bit.

So what am I going to do with all my spare time and empty house? If you thought read until my eyes fall out, watch lectures, do ALL of my laundry, and clean as much of my house as possible, you were right! I also intend to make a paper chain to count down until the Christmas break I am desperately looking forward to. Oh, and a quick visit to the mall is in order as well. I have a few things to return and some promotions to take advantage of.

Plans, of course, may change, but I'm really looking forward to blacking out (no mere checking off) some things on my to-do list.


Fran said...

Yay paper chain! ;)

Giggles said...

Yippy for having the place to yourself. It can be very relaxing. I know I like a little alone time every now and then.