Monday, November 26, 2007

Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About

It's an interesting paradox that the more you talk to someone, the more you have to say to them. I can IM with Fran all day and still think of something I wanted to tell her whilst driving home. Yet, if suddenly I find myself talking to someone I haven't spoken with in weeks, we're limited to small talk, at least initially. Unless, of course, you're my paternal grandmother. I love her very much, but she'll never run out of words. Ever. Talking to her is always an adventure.

I do enjoy talking. Phone, IM, Skype, texting, whatever. I like writing letters and journaling. I obviously like blogging.

Unfortunately, blogs don't talk back. One-way conversations can be quite tricky. After 25 days of random "Oh by the way. . . " topics, I find myself with nothing to talk about but talking itself.

Happy half-birthday to me!

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