Thursday, November 22, 2007

Because I am a queen

I am a dancer because I move in an artistic way, whenever the mood strikes me. Sometimes there's music, sometimes there isn't.

I am a singer because I randomly burst out into song. I've also taken voice lessons and sung in choirs for years.

I am a sister because I have two wonderful siblings.

I am a daughter because I have two marvelous parents.

I am a friend because I care and others care back.

I am a reader because I read EVERYTHING. I read my recycle bin today as I carried it back into my house.

I am a music fanatic because even if I'm not listening to something, there's always a song in my head.

I am an artist because I once had a show in an art museum.

I am an actor because I act. Usually on a stage. Sometimes when I'm trying to do something scary.

I am a writer because I like organize my thoughts into words and put them on paper, or a computer screen.

I am a geek because I enjoy science fiction.

I am a queen because I say so.

Who are you?

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