Friday, November 16, 2007

The magic's in the makeup

Women are held to unrealistic beauty standard, thanks to the media and celebrities. We think that's what the men want, and women have killed themselves trying to attain that. This is nothing new.

What we don't realize is that that's what the men think they want too. Think being the operative word. Too many of them, it seems, are convinced they deserve a supermodel, a woman who stops traffic, someone everyone notices. Sure, women like Angelina Jolie are hot (or so I'm told), but we can't all be her. And, I'm willing to bet that she has bed hair sometimes too, and not the sexy kind.

The thing is, it takes a LOT of effort and money to look like that. I certainly can't afford a personal trainer, hairstylist, and makeup artist. I can't spend hours on my hair everyday or even make sure my eyebrows are perfectly shaped all the time. Rather, I can't spend hours everyday while someone ELSE does my hair and shapes my brows. I also don't get paid just to look pretty and not once has a designer begged me to wear his dress to an event.

So, I'm going to look the way I do, which I don't think is half bad. I actually have the same measurements that Marilyn Monroe did (and have an independent filmmaker who's really been wanting me to play her in his most recent project), but by today's standards she's a BBW. Why that category even exists is beyond me. (PS - Don't Google it.)

I do like dressing up and doing hair and makeup, as anyone who has seen my bathroom can attest to. Unfortunately, as a brilliant woman once said, "I have a couture taste, and a Target budget." Plus things like school and work are at a much higher priority.

I don't expect my future husband to wake up looking like this:
So he shouldn't expect me to wake up looking like this:
Because she doesn't either!

What we all need, and deserve, is someone who stops US in our tracks, regardless of what they're wearing or doing. I want someone who thinks I'm just as sexy vacuuming in my pajamas with a baby on my hip as I am when I'm dressed for something fancy. I'll be happy to return the favor.

Dove Campaign For Real Beauty

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