Monday, November 5, 2007

I am beautiful, no matter what they say

Good things I did today:

  • Created a chicken dish from scratch. Just threw some things together and it was delicious. You know it's good when one of the people you shared it with compliments it again out of the blue an hour later.
  • Curled my hair. It's pretty.
  • Invited someone over for dinner I have directly avoided for several weeks. It was weird and awkward, but it needed to be done. It definitely could have been worse.
  • Remembered again just how great my friends are.
  • Enjoyed church, potentially awkward social engagements, and playing tour guide despite having a fairly constant, nagging headache.
Today was just one of those reminders that I do have my life together, and I can accomplish anything I want. I have the Lord, my family, and my friends on my side. It's a wonderful feeling.

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Fran said...

YAY! I keep TELLING you. ;)