Saturday, November 17, 2007

I once was lost, but now I'm found

My roommates, a friend, and I were just rehashing the mystery of the pants. Despite our best efforts, we were no closer to finding an answer. The last time I had used the sleeping bag had been at the end of May, and I can't think of anyone who would have touched my sleeping bag then either.

Just as we were about to give up again, I had an epiphany - my sister!

Granted, I haven't lived with my sister in over two years, but my sleeping bag had been at my parents' house until the beginning of May of this year. It's entirely possible that she had borrowed it before that time.

I call her up. She doesn't answer, but she calls me back while I'm in the middle of leaving a message.

Me: "Are you missing a pair of pajama pants?"

Sister: "What kind?"

Me: "Pink plaid?"

Sister: "I was wondering where those had gone to. Where did you find them?"

Me: "Have you read my blog this week?"

Sister: "THOSE ARE MINE!?"

Mystery solved! My roommates and friend were able to tell from my highly amused face what her answers basically were. And all of us, sister included, were laughing our heads off. I literally fell to the floor.

We have no idea when she borrowed my sleeping bag and left her clothes there. It's been at least six months. This also means that for at least three nights I've been sleeping with someone else's underwear near my feet. I'm just glad it's someone I'm related to.

E - Do these look familiar?


Giggles said...

I'm glad you solved that mystery. I'm sure it will be a favorite family story for years to come.

emily said...

i'm sorry amanda, but i don't think they're actually mine. There is really an outside chance, but i don't really recognize them. they're not the ones i thought you were talking about on the phone, and while they do look vaguely familiar, i just don't know. i guess you're back to being creeped out by the mystery pants.... i still love you!

emily said...

WAIT!!! i think they really are mine. I'm still not positive, but I bought new ones just before going up to Idaho my freshman year and they disappeared, and I think those really might be them. That would explain why they're familiar, but that I don't remember them that well.

AmandaStretch said...

Good grief! :-D

I love you sister.

emily said...

so are you going to send my pants? :)