Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nasty habits are here to stay

Apparently, I'm all about lists recently, so what's one more? We all have bad habits. Things we do, but know we probably shouldn't. Here are a few of mine.

I'm a terrible procrastinator. Most of my school projects are done the last few days before they are due. I often don't practice low-key performances pieces until the last minute. I have been known to pick things up that I need for particular things on my way to that thing. The list goes on. Now, I did finish an assignment that's due tomorrow on Friday, so maybe I'll be better from here on out.

I easily lose patience. I don't understand how people can get lost twenty times coming to my house. I don't like being micromanaged on something. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to be helpful. Luckily, I usually can check myself and just deal with it rather than blowing up at the offender. That doesn't mean, however, that I won't be writing an alternate response in my head.

As much as I love having a clean house, when I get busy, that's the first thing to go. I figure it's not usually urgent, and I get to it when I can. Trust me. Come December 5th, I will be in a whirlwind of random cleaning/organizing projects I've put off all semester.

I usually let my nail polish chip off for quite some time before I remove/redo it. That probably goes with the procrastination thing, but I'm definitely not obsessive about my nails. Yes, I currently have some clear nail polish chipping off my fingers.

I check People.com just about everyday. This is a sickness and must be stopped.

If I don't respond to an email within a day or two of receiving it, chances are I'll forget about it for weeks.

I'm easily distracted. I can be very excited and gung-ho about a project or something, but I can just as quickly lose interest, or get excited about something new. For instance, my craft table? Very neglected right now. Another thing I'm looking forward to revisiting next week.

I think I've been self-defeating enough for one post. I have some great habits too! I brush my teeth everyday. I clean my kitchen whilst cooking whenever possible. I always wear my seat-belt.

Maybe admitting these things will be the first step toward correcting them. One can certainly hope!

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Fran said...

And you are VERY patient with some of us...for which some of us are eternally grateful and also stable.