Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Someone's 'ead restin' on my knee

As much as Blake and I like adventure, I also love that I've found someone I can be comfortable just hanging around at home with. We're both introverts who need some quiet time to recharge and we've found that we can recharge together quite nicely. We have a similar balance of adventure and quiet home time and I really appreciate that about him.

A lot of our home time lately involves homework or wedding planning or setting up the new apartment, but we also enjoy reading together (I've been reading him The Graveyard Book) or catching up on each other's favorite tv shows. His favorite is The West Wing and mine is Doctor Who. It's nice to snuggle on the couch and introduce each other to these things. I can't believe I've never taken the time to watch The West Wing before. It's so good!

We also enjoy board/table games, cooking together, or just talking. I've really enjoyed getting used to having him around all the time! I look forward to many more quiet evenings and crazy adventures with this man.

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