Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rock Your Body

As discussed before, I recommitted myself to fitness last year and have been enjoying the rewards. This year, I did the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder, which Blake totally supported (it had sold out before we even met) and was one of the hardest and most physically rewarding things I've ever done. My ankles may not be in shape to do one ever again, but I've done it. And that's awesome.

One thing I love about Blake is that he is equally interested in fitness and being healthy. Admittedly, with everything going on these last few months, our ability to work out as hard and as frequently as we might like has eluded us. I still at least do yoga or go on a walk everyday, but I do miss the frequency of a really great weights or cardio session.

Luckily, Blake and I, purposefully, have found an apartment complex with a free fitness center and have formulated a plan l. Once we live together and are saving all this travel time, we're going to work out everyday. Together.

Right now, we've given up soda for the remainder of our engagement and work out together on Saturdays. We enjoy Yoda or monkey squats, in which we use each other on piggyback for weighted squats. It's actually really fun and a great bonding time to work on improving our strength and fitness together!

This photo is from our hike to Battlecreek Falls when we were home introducing each other to our families.


Giggles said...

We could never workout together because we have completely different workout styles. We do go on walks together, but that's the extent of it. We do, however, encourage each other to work out. And that's the important part. :)

(Have you noticed how I've turned all my comments on your blog this month to being about me? Sorry! But my relationship with Blake is a lot different than yours. :) )

AmandaStretch said...

I like all your comments, even if they are about you. :)