Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love, Me

In my last apartment, my bed was on risers on top of two cinderblocks stood end to end on one side and my dresser on other, in a makeshift loft bed situation. When you have a teeny tiny space, you have to think vertically for storage. This gave me tons of storage space under my bed, my dresser didn't take up any extra floor space, and I got used to my ceiling being an arm's length away from my face.

It also became a convenient place to for Blake to leave notes for me, since I couldn't see over the bed until I climbed into it. One night, I must have stepped out of the room before walking him to his car, because when I got back from saying goodnight, there was a cute little drawing on a yellow 3x5 card next to the pillow.

I found similar notes on other occasions.

Sometimes, the notes found their way into my backpack or on my mirror.

Of course, I started to return the favor. If you were in our ward this last Sunday and paid attention to Blake turning the pages of his notepad to the one with his talk, you would have seen a large "I (heart) U!" on the top page that I left him a few weeks ago. I totally noticed it and I wasn't even looking for it, so I wonder if anyone else saw it. I also like stuffing notes in his law books and wherever else I think to drop them.

Now that we're settling into the new place, I look forward to finding new places to hide love notes!

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Giggles said...

There are all kinds of places you'd never think of to hide notes when you actually think of them, if that makes any sense.