Sunday, November 18, 2012

My great adventure has begun!

I consider myself a fairly adventurous person. As time, opportunity, and finances permit, I love trying new things - foods, music, travel, and whatever else strikes my fancy! There's a vast and interesting world out there and I want to learn as much about it as I can! In past years, I usually wasn't afraid to do these things all by myself either.

Another reason I am so in love with Blake is that he is likewise adventurous! I spent the better part of the last 30 minutes trying to find our one discussion during our first week of chatting on Facebook where we talked about traveling and adventuring. We clarified that it was Thursday he asked me out and that I was the first one to send a message (an apology for being distracted during our initial two meetings).

I also found not one, but several instances in that first week wherein we discussed traveling and places we have visited that we loved and places we want to visit and things we want to try and basically rediscovered something that I already we knew - we share a passion for life and adventure and learning and exploring! 

And now we get to do these things together! In fact, we already have and do. We LOVE road trips together and have taken several day trips to things like a Civil War reenactment, a pirate festival, the beach, Tucson (from when we were at his parents' in Mesa), Renaissance Festival, Six Flags, Gettysburg (though it was on the way home from our ward retreat), and lots of adventures closer to home since DC is full of awesome stuff. 

In fact, if he weren't around, I would have missed the Pirate Festival completely, because the friends who had invited me (before they knew about Blake, but he was welcome) ended up not going after all, and I wouldn't have done that alone. Even if I wasn't afraid to adventure on my own before, I didn't always take advantage of opportunities to do so.

We like trying new restaurants or recipes or book stores or, as in my single days, whatever strikes our fancy! One day, we were grocery shopping and he saw bottled Malta Goya and decided to buy one, just because he's been curious about it. Back at my place, we each took a sip and decided that was enough. The point was that we tried it and learned something in the process.

I'm excited about all the things we'll do together from here on out!

Blake drives to the Pirate Festival

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Woohoo for adventure buddies!