Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Get yourself an egg and beat it!

The first meal I ever made for Blake was his favorite food - manicotti. I had made it once before, but didn't know where my recipe had run off to, so I researched, found a new one and made a dish he ultimately loved.

But that's not why I love Blake. It's easy to love someone who willingly eats his favorite foods. I love Blake because he'll eat anything I make him. While he's made meals a few times, I'm generally the chef around here and he's my assistant. I readily admitted to him that I can't make clam chowder to save my life. It eludes me and was probably the most accidentally disgusting thing I've made yet.

And still? He promised that if I ever try it again (and I probably will, I lurve a good clam chowder), he'll eat it. Tonight? He looked at bit skeptically at the dinner in a pumpkin I had made (because I finally have a real oven again! Holla!), but a few minutes later went back to seconds. An hour later, he spontaneously told me how much he liked it.

I love to cook, but I especially love to cook for someone who loves to eat what I cook. It's even better when I make the food itself show how much I love him.

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