Thursday, November 22, 2012

Do vector calculus just for fun

Blake is a geek. Which is perfect, because I am too. As we know, he almost immediately made reference to being a Browncoat in our beginning email exchanges. This won him major geek points with me and we quote Firefly frequently.

He and his siblings used to play Star Trek in their unfinished basement.

He LOVES puns and other bad jokes.

We have a zombie apocalypse plan.

He enjoys geeky video games, like flight simulators. He's currently resting his head in my lap while playing Angry Birds Star Wars. We're actually registered for the entire Angry Birds bathroom line, because we have a guest bathroom and why not?

We discussed Battlestar Galactica on our first date.

We'll be seeing the remake of Red Dawn this weekend. Why? The original is his favorite movie.

He wears geeky tshirts.

He's really getting into Doctor Who with me.

He builds his own desktop computers.

He's willing to cosplay at festivals or cons if I want to. Didn't have time to cosplay for RennFest this year, but there's always next year!

I needed someone who would match my level of geekiness and I've found him!

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