Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are we human or are we dancer?

Having grown up in a home where my dad was totally willing to talk about whatever physical issues I might be plagued with and a brother who was totally unwilling, I've never entirely been sure how to address these things with the male population.

However, Blake has been totally awesome about this. I can let him know what's going on and how I'm feeling, whether it's a female specific issue or something all humans experience from time to time, like the barking cough I've had for two days now. He makes it clear that he wants me to feel good and happy and will do whatever I need him to do to help me feel that way. Tonight, it was buying cough syrup on our way home from our date. Other nights, it's rubbing my feet or warming up my seed corn heating bag. Sometimes, I get to return the favor when he's not feeling 100%.

As he puts it, we're both humans. And humans get sick or hurt or tired or have various bodily systems rebel against them once in awhile.

Being sick while single sucked. A lot. I'd call my mom and whine to her sometimes, but there was relatively little she could do. So glad that when I'm not feeling well from now on, I'll have someone there to stroke my head and say "Poor little bunny."

We couldn't hold hands one day, probably homework, and discovered this is what we were doing instead

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