Saturday, November 15, 2008

But I knew I was out of luck

Part of the problem with my clothes yesterday was that I didn't have a lot of options. You see, I have no jeans. Last Thursday, I noticed that there was a rather unfortunate hole in my favorite pair. Friday, I wore slacks because I was going to the theater after work and I figured I'd just go to buy more jeans on Saturday.

I figured wrong.

A few years ago, I discovered that I have a favorite jeans place. You know, the store where you can find jeans that fit you and whatever weird fit needs you have. The place where you can buy multiple washes of various styles and you're set for some time. I'm a curvy girl, and good jeans are tricky, so I was thrilled at this discovery.

Until Saturday. I not only discovered that their selection was now severely lacking, but that their new styles suggested that I had gone up not one, but two sizes. Hello! The pair that was facing their demise still fit! How could I be this other size? That and the jeans were all way too low ride and not flattering in the least.

I gave up. I didn't even actually try on the size I probably would have fit into because I refused to believe I was that size. I left the store without a plan and no idea where I was going to find jeans that fit at a reasonable price.

Sunday and Monday I wore skirts. I don't remember Tuesday. Wednesday I decided that the hole wasn't that big and I'd only be wearing them for a few hours and no one would see me anyway. Shortly after the lunchtime, the jeans split for real and the hole really was that big. I hid in my office until it was time to go rehearsal (wherein I wore my dance pants, naturally).

Wednesday night, I finally found the pair I'd bought at the same time as the dying pair. Same style and size, just different wash. Those only barely fit and since comfort trumps all, I decided to go with my slacks again.

The problem with slacks is that they only go with certain types of shoes. Running shoes look ridiculous, special casual shoes have to be paired with just the right top, so you're stuck with black dress shoes. Well, both pairs of oxfords I have are also dying, and I just did not want to wear socks or boots. Had I had a pair of jeans yesterday, I would have been in hoodie and jeans and some casual shoes and would have been just fine.

Today I'm cool with clothes again. I don't mind being dressed. Still wasn't interested in my dress shoes though (I LOVE that I have the option), so guess what I'm wearing today?

Hoodie over a Sesame Street t-shirt. My happy Nintendo shoes. And the same black slacks I wore yesterday (thank you Febreeze).

I couldn't be more comfortable.

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Giggles said...

I have my jeans store too. Because finding the right length, the right waist, and the right rise - darn near impossible! And it really shouldn't be. So when I find a pair that fit, I buy at least two.

And I really really need to get my Eccos in to be resoled. I know where to do it and I'm okay with spending the money for it. I just haven't gotten around to doing it, and it is severely limiting my fashion choices right now.

And I probably should do laundry this weekend so my choices aren't more limited than they already are.