Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did you write the book of love

This is my token NaBloPoMo "I have no idea what to talk about" post.

It's cold in my office. I set the thermostat to 85, just to get it to warm up. No dice. My hand are freezing.

I can't find my scriptures. I really hope I forgot them at church, because that's the only place other than my house I've taken them since September.

Only wearing slacks and skirts these days allows me to dress up fabulously. It's kind of fun. But I am wearing my red Chuck Taylors today with my slacks, and I love it.

December is going to be very busy.

As stressful as the really big things are right now, it was FHE planning that got me emotional this week.

I still love my calling.

I'm going to miss my family tomorrow. I miss them all the time, for one reason or another, but I miss them most on holidays and Sundays.

Still, I'm looking forward to having a great Thanksgiving weekend! Starting in five short minutes from the time I'm writing this sentence!

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