Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I could make those people dance

Everything for my show is choreographed. All the moves are set, the kids just have to get the timing down and clean it up. I'm really proud of them, even if three of them disappeared in the middle of rehearsal to go on a food run, after I'd told them they didn't have time. I was glad I'd packed my angry eyes, but today was the first time I'd had to use them with this group. They were also really chatty today for some reason.

Still, I'm excited. This really does have the potential to be phenomenal, and the kids have three and a half weeks to make it so.

I'm also excited because I'm going to see The Aquabats tonight. I was introduced to them in 9th grade, and saw them for the first time in concert my freshman year of college.

I'm really looking forward to hearing/seeing them live again and to buy a new t-shirt. I trusted a boy to buy me one at the concert I couldn't attend in 10th grade. He was a little smaller than me (and a BOY), so telling the merch guy to give a shirt that would fit a girl about his size was less than successful.

I ended up with a youth medium. I could get away with wearing it in high school, though only barely, and it most certainly doesn't fit any more.

Tell your mom, tell your dad, we were Su. Per. RAD!

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