Monday, November 17, 2008

Helter skelter in the summer swelter

As one might expect, my personal dialect reflects all the places I've lived. I still say "y'all" from my time in Texas. "Whilst" from my time in London. The list goes on. I'm still trying to figure out if I have any DC phrases. I've also noticed that I've lost one of my trademark Utah phrases. I noticed when someone said it recently and I realized I hadn't heard it in ages.

The phrase?

"Oh my heck."

I really don't miss it terribly. I don't mind hearing it, so if you say it, more power to you. I heard it shortly after we moved to Utah and loved it, for some reason, and adopted it right away. It didn't stick though, and I lost it at some point. Oh well.

I realized today that one of my Utah phrases stuck. "Sluff"

I heard it the first time on my first day of school in Utah. We were reading disclosure documents (kind of like syllabi, that was also something I learned that day) and I kept hearing "don't sluff".

Okay, so what it is it!? I can't avoid doing for sure until I know what it is! By 5th period, World Studies with Mr. Anderson, it was driving me crazy and I was finally brave enough to ask.

To skip or cut class. To play hooky.

Like anyone who wants to learn a new word, I adopted it into my vocabulary and used it often.

I used it today when KT and I talked so long after Sacrament that we sluffed Sunday School. I guess I really needed someone to talk to, since I totally talked her ear off and it was worth missing the second hour for. (Thanks again!!)

Incidentally, sometime in my adulthood, I've realized that it comes from the phrase "to slough off", and the word I've used for almost ten years now, totally makes sense.

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Giggles said...

In El Paso, we just ditched class. That sluff thing was weird.