Friday, November 7, 2008

Made me shiver

Recently, I have been pondering the alphabet, and I have come to a conclusion.

B is my least favorite letter.

There are several words that I really don't like. blurb, lube, bulbous, blubber, blob, bob, bet, etc. My all time least favorite word ever is like bob, but has two Os in the middle and often ends with an S. I won't type it here because 1) I really don't like it and 2)I could get some very interesting hits here if I did.

What do all of these words have in common? The letter B. I just don't like the way it sounds.

To be fair, there are a lot of words I like with the letter B. Book, babe, banana, and so on. Even some of my favorite Spanish verbs have lots of Bs. Trabajaba. Hablaba. It's not like could live without that letter, but I don't have to like.

And as much as I love this Dr. Demento song, with the fun words and how they all end up sounding together, the B words make cringe. A little.

On the other hand I think my favorite letter is Z. Zany, Zanzibar, zebra, zoo, Zach. I once planned to name all my kids with Z names, but have since gone back to just having one Z name for a future daughter.

So, Z, welcome to the party. B? Thanks, but no thanks.

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Katie said...

Sometimes I like to pretend that I am British and pronounce "Z" as Zed. Other days I like to ban certain letters for no reason. And that is why people like to be my friend.