Thursday, November 6, 2008

I went down to the sacred store

Or library. Whatever. :) I spent a few hours behind the scenes in the Library of Congress today. IT WAS AWESOME. The first hour was in the Music department and I was geeking out the. whole time. I saw the original Rhapsody in Blue and who knows what else.

We also saw some historical newspapers and learned about their general acquisitions and cataloging processes. It was lovely.

More pictures here!


Fran said...

Full body geek out? Yes, I believe it was. ;)

(don't anyone steal my band name!)

Giggles said...

Terribly terribly jealous. I LOVE historic books and the back rooms of libraries. I think I love the historic books more though. Which might be why, for a moment, I considered spending two month's rent on a handmade, hand illuminated, hand set, hand bound book this week. Reason prevailed however and I will have a roof for two months instead of an absolutely gorgeous book.

Nancy Heiss said...

You're so lucky! Once upon a time I wanted to work at the Library of Congress.

I know, lofty childhood ambitions.

I would probably geek out, too!