Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am like a start shining brightly

Happy Halloween!! I'm writing this late, so by the time most of you read this, it'll be the day after. Oh well. :)

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, but Halloween comes in a close second. I have fond memories of Halloween growing up, planning costumes for weeks and months in advance and trick or treating with friends and family. I've been a gypsy, Shmi Skywalker, a witch, a scarecrow, ghost, and several more. It was always great fun.

Here are my Halloween memories from the last six years.

2002 - I was a freshman at BYU. I used my senior prom dress to be a Homecoming queen with my football-loving boyfriend who was dressed as a quarterback. We were both volunteering at a daycare for our service learning classes and it was fun to be in costume with all the kids. That evening, we enjoyed BYU's Halloween festivities, even though I'd completely lost my voice by that point. Darn you laryngitis.

2003 - This was my first year performing the musical Sweeney Todd. It had become a bit of a local tradition and on Halloween night we had both an 8 PM and a midnight performance. Our midnight show was snowed out, so we performed inside instead of at the state hospital "castle". I wore a different costumed during the day, but dressing as a freaky gothic insane person and singing some awesome music was a really great Halloween activity. This was also the first year that I went to a haunted house during the Halloween season with my friend Amilicious, an annual tradition we kept up until I moved away.

2004 - Once again, I was part of the Sweeney Todd cast, the last year they were doing it, but this time I was also a featured dancer and part of the quintet. The boy I'd dated earlier that year came to the 8 PM show, and I may or may not have kissed him hello afterwards. Because of the snow, we had both our shows that night in the tower room of the castle. It was a tight squeeze, but everyone (actors and audience) loved it. After the show, the cast and crew were headed to IHOP, and I dropped by Smalls' apartment on my way there. We'd recently come back into each other's lives and I wanted to say hi. We visited for a few minutes and then I went to the restaurant. At about 3:30 AM I got a text that asked if I would consider dating him again. I was totally surprised, but said "maybe". I went back to his place after I finished whatever meal it is you have at 4 AM, and we talked over the details of getting back together after I'd been hurt the first time. It went well and as I left for home at 6 AM, we had our very first kiss ever.

2005 - Smalls and I were no longer dating, but were best friends. We spent weeks planning and putting together our costumes, and we even dyed our hair. Mine can be seen by clicking here. We spent Halloween evening showing off to friends and our families before hosting a viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas at my house. Such a good day.

2006 - I was in DC and missing Smalls terribly. I still dressed up, but I could have put a lot more energy into it. I was performing in Joseph . . . on the night of the Halloween parties, but I still made an appearance after. Halloween proper I dressed up for work and just kicked it at my house for the night.

2007 - I was back in the Halloween spirit and dressed up as Aphrodite. I also blogged about it here.
2008 - This year I recycled my elf dress to be Yvaine from Neil Gaiman's Stardust. I found my Power of Stormhold in NYC last month and was excited for an excuse to wear my silver go-go boots again. It's a rather esoteric character, but I loved it. I was in costume all day at work and then spent the evening with the cutest little Eeyore and his American Gladiator mom and his monster father. I met them when performing in Joseph . . . (before Eeyore was born) and knew they would laugh at my use of the boots, since she has the same pair. Little did I know that she would be wearing the same ones.
Tomorrow night, I'll make an appearance at a local party and have one more chance to show off the costume.

I love this holiday. I hope you've had a safe and fun Halloween! I may or may not already be planning my costume for next year . . .

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