Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miss American Pie

I generally don't get out of bed until at least 8 AM, so 6:55 this AM was quite early for me. (Especially since I didn't get to sleep until after 1 AM sometime.) I threw on a hoodie, jeans, and flip-flops (sorry Fran), stuck my frizzy hair in a ponytail, and was off to the nearby high school to vote.

The Spy and The General (my roommates) were already there in line, towards the front, and I texted them to say that we should have planned this better. Little did I know that five minutes from that time they were saying how glad they were that they didn't coordinate with me because the line for their last names were much shorter than mine.

I found the end of the line, scrolled through my iPod trying to find music to fit my half-asleep/ready to vote mood, and settled on listening to Il Divo whilst reading Sidney Poitier's autobiography for the next hour.

I was sleepy, but very excited. This is a historical election, no matter the outcome, and I was part of it. I didn't care that I looked out of place among the well-dressed businesspeople around me. I'm a very tired grad student, and I definitely looked the part.

When the time came to cast my vote, I did just that. I don't care to discuss for whom, or why, but I've done my part.

Did you?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I went straight back home, showered, and actually got ready for my day. Should be a good one.


Giggles said...

I voted too! But I didn't go stand in line with the other early morning people. I waited till those people went to work. Then I went and didn't have to stand in line at all.

Fran said...

I actually think a lot of hoodies are cute, and I only really hate flip-flops when they're accompanied by crusty, dirty feet...or in church. Still! I'm glad you did what it took to get out there and vote! Hooray!

Love you!