Friday, November 27, 2009

We gather together

Today - a list of 26 things I am thankful for, in alphabetical order!

But first, a sidenote. A conversation I had with Eilonwy, that went something like this:

Eilonwy: I figured out what I'm going to post about on Thursday.

Me: list of 26 things you are grateful for in alphabetical order?

Eilonwy: Yes!

Us: We're brilliant.

I love knowing my friends so well. :)

And now, the list, which Eilonwy said I could do too, as long as my B wasn't the same. Which it isn't.

A is for Aunt Amanda - My namesake. I'm grateful that she was such a wonderful woman that her name is the only one my mom really considered for me. I really love both her, my mother, and my name.

B is for Blogging - Writing is very therapeutic.

C is for Cookies - That's good enough for me.

D is for Dance - Love. It. I dance around my apartment. In my car. Anywhere I can. Am I great? Nah. But I love it.

E is for Energy - When I have just enough to accomplish what I've set out to accomplish, it makes a huge difference.

F is for Firefox - I'm writing this in IE, on my uncle's laptop, and I miss Firefox.

G is for Girlfriends - Especially Fran and Eilonwy. Thanks ladies for taking a chance on befriending a 19-year-old! Look how far we've all come!

H is for Happiness - I am truly happy with my life right now, and that is wonderful.

I is for Independence - I'm so glad I'm calling the shots right now.

J is for Joking - I'm no stand up comic, but a well-timed joke always appreciated.

K is for Knives - Yeah, Cutco was pretty awful to work for, but I really am grateful for the stellar knives I got out of the deal.

L is for Love - I love feeling loved, even if right now there is no romantic love in my life. My friends and family are enough.

M is for Muppets - Sesame Street is awesome. Muppet movies are awesome. This video?

IS AWESOME. Watch it again.

N is for Noodles - Easy to cook. Versatile. Filling. Tasty.

O is for Octopi - They're just so cool. Don't you wish you had 8 legs with suction cups on them?

P is for Pandora - Couldn't get through my work day without it.

Q is for Quiet - Sometimes, anyway.

R is for Reading - I fully intend to finish the David Sedaris book I picked up this morning before the end of the day.

S is for Showers - The shower in my apartment is pretty awful - little pressure, tiny space - so I appreciate nice showers even more. Like the one here at my aunt's. Divine.

T is for Time - I have lot of it these days, and I'm glad.

U is for Uvulas - I'm sure it's useful, even if I can't tell why.

V is for Victory - Even little ones, I like to recognize the victories in my life.

W is for Water - I'm kind of water junkie. I ran out about an hour before my destination last night and I was sad.

X is for Xylophones - Did you know I used to play the xylophone? It's true. In my middle school band. And now, if I'm listening to something with a mallet instrument, I play the air xylophone.

Y is for Yelling - Even to myself in the car when I cross another state line, bringing me ever closer to my destination.

Z is for Zany - My whole, immediate and extended, family is pretty zany, and I love us for it!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Myrna said...

Fun post, Amanda! :o)