Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you hearing me? Like I'm hearing you?

This is a test of the emergency posting system. If this were a real emergency, this post would be accompanied by a Muppet-esque freakout. Arms flailing and everything.

But there are no Muppets here. Today, anyway.

I'm just testing out the mobile blogging features of my iPhone. I'm planning on participating in a certain annual posting fest, but I'll be out of state for more than a third of the month! So, it's time I fully embrace my iPhone snobbery and actually maximize it's functionality.

And just to make this fluff post even fluffier, here are this year's costumes #1 and #2. One for my real job, and the second for the haunted house I volunteered to work in last night.

Happy Halloween!

-- Posted from my iPhone, because after 10 months with it, I'm surprised I haven't already


Giggles said...

Yeah for dressing up and random blogging!

Myrna said...

Cool random post and costumes, Bubbles!