Thursday, November 5, 2009

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I'm still in transition from the old library system to the new at work. It's been really well received, for the most part, and it gets better everyday. Still, my choral music section is in four different places in the building (of which my library is only a part), namely The New Section on the Shelves, The Old Section on the Shelves, The New Section on Book Trucks Out In the Warehouse, and The Old Section on Book Trucks in the Library.

It can get really confusing. And that's just the choral music. Everything else is in some similar form of library limbo as well.

Fortunately, it make sense to me. When a materials request comes in via phone or email, I can still locate things easily and process the request quickly (though if it's in either of the old sections, it takes a little longer since I have to put it through the new system - AKA add copy).

What's tricky is when teachers come to visit the library. It's hard to find anything by just browsing right now, and it's rather difficult to explain where to find anything specific. Mostly, I just ask teachers to have a look around, but if they want something specific to ask me and I'll pull it for them.

What's really tricky is when teachers come in and have somehow missed that I'm changing things. It's especially odd to me since I've been talking it up the entire time I've been here, have held multiple instruction sessions at various inservices, changed things on Blackboard, and have sent out multiple emails about it. So, not only is there the usual difficulty in locating materials, I also have to do some on the spot library instruction and, in some cases, defend why things are the way they are.

At least when teachers ask for things in the old way via phone or email, I can just send it the new way and remind them that we have a new system and where to find the tutorials on how to use it.

I'm all for the teach a man to fish method of library instruction and reference assistance, but it's difficult to see it through because whatever I say is not always true. Some things won't be found online yet or in the right places on the shelves. Between the temps I had and the part time help I still have, I can't guarantee even the "new" things will be where I think they should be, because I didn't shelve it myself or even add copy on it.

The good news is that I'm getting more items in the new system and in their new places everyday. I'll consolidate the New Sections by the end of the week. And, once they get the hang of it, no one is really protesting the change.


Jasmine said...

If there's one thing I learned about working in a registrar's office, it's that you can sit down with each professor individually, explain the process in detail, and some will STILL have no idea how to do it or use the system. It's aggravating, huh.

Good luck with the rest of it!

Myrna said...

Isn't it always amazing that THESE ARE THE TEACHERS?!!!

And then they can be so sticky about deadlines and stuff with their students, so lacking in understanding, because "they posted it on Blackboard" and "you should know."

Just have to roll my eyes, sometimes! :o)