Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am like a star shining brightly

My parents have set a wonderful example of missionary work for their children. 28 years ago, they were both serving full-time missions for our church - Mom in Ecuador and Dad in Salt Lake City (yes, really). Since then, they have continued to exemplify the meaning of being a member missionary - reaching out to those less active or not of our faith, especially my father's family, as he is the only member.

My siblings have followed in their footsteps in regards to serving full-time missions - Brotherface in Atlanta, GA, and Baltimore, MD, and Sisterpants preparing to serve in Houston, Texas come January. Brotherface was a great missionary, and really enjoyed his time serving (minus the shattering his elbow part-way through), and I'm sure Sisterpants will too.

I, on the other hand, will probably just stick with being a member missionary. I considered a full-time mission as I was growing up, especially because my mother had served, but once I was old enough to go, it wasn't something I felt strongly about doing. I did pray about it a little more earnestly as I was considering the job offer that took me to DC, but felt peace about the decision not to go, and still do.

As a member missionary, I do pray and look for opportunities to share what I believe, but I usually let them happen as part of a usual conversation. When my beliefs come up, I'll share as much or as little as the person I'm discussing them with wants me to. I'm quite open about my faith and don't try to hide its impact on my life, but I also don't try to force it on anyone. I have a fairly open "live and let live" attitude, especially as most of the people I see on a regular basis are truly good, moral people, regardless of religion or background, and I'm glad for that.

Mostly, I just try to live my own good, moral life, according the standards and faith I have, just as I would expect others around me to do with theirs. I'm happy to share what I believe and why, but and I'm just also just as happy to be friends with the good people who have become part of my life.

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Myrna said...

I didn't know about your sister's upcoming mission! D & P were just over at her party on Friday, but they didn't tell me! So it's a good thing I read this so I can find out what is going on! :o)