Friday, November 21, 2014

Trapped in the closet

Three years ago, I posted about my least favorite chores and said, "I really hope I marry someone who doesn't mind sweeping and mopping."

I found that post while randomly surfing through my own blog the other day and realized that my wish had come true. I did indeed marry someone who doesn't mind sweeping and mopping! That, my friends, is a major blessing in my life. And, he hates cleaning toilets, but I don't, so guess what one of my chores is?

I do think that I get the better end of the deal on vacuuming too. Currently, I hide in the office with Malcolm, while Blake vacuums.

Malcolm does not like the vacuum, at all, and we don't really trust him in the office without supervision. So, Malcolm and I hang out in the office while Blake vacuums, and it's usually followed by some Malcolm and Blake reunion time, as evidenced by this series of photos from July.

Malcolm waiting in the closet for the vaccuuming to be done


Malcolm hugs are an experience

And might involve a nose or tongue in the face

Piggyback rides are fun too! 


Giggles said...

I think I might enjoy sweeping and mopping our floor more if the tile weren't so dark and I could see that I'd actually made a difference cleaning it.

But if our tile were lighter I'd probably feel the need to sweep and mop it more. So I guess it's a trade off.

I do enjoy vacuuming though. Especially since we have a clear canister vacuum and I can see just how much crud gets in our carpets and then I feel good about having cleaned it.

Heidi said...

I'd rather do laundry than floors, and I'd rather do floors than dust, but I'd rather do all of those myself than have a messy house.