Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clean up, Clean up, everybody, everywhere

 Was there a chore you really hated doing as a child?

My parents would probably say "all of them". That was probably true at times. Eventually, however, I discovered how much I hate sweeping and mopping. I would clean toilets a thousand times over floors. This, for some reason, is still true. Vacuuming? No problem, so it wasn't all floors. I just don't like sweeping and mopping. It's gross and I never feel like it's clean enough.

At some point, we kids all figured out chores we preferred and I often traded vacuuming with someone else so they would sweep and mop. I've joked on Twitter before that I would trade with someone there who was complaining about doing a chore I didn't mind. I guess I wasn't really joking, because I totally would.

I really hope I marry someone who doesn't mind sweeping and mopping.


Nancy said...

My friend seriously puts her kids in their swimsuits, dumps a bucket of water on the floor, lathers her kids up with soap and lets them slip and slide all over the kitchen. When they're finished they dry and ta-dah!

You could try that...

AmandaStretch said...

Are her kids for hire? I don't have any of my own, and I'm certainly not about to have splash party by myself on a disgusting floor.

Giggles said...

I don't like sweeping either. So I vacuum our tile floors.

For me it's dishes. I hate doing dishes.