Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swing your razor wide, Sweeney!

Shortly after meeting Blake, I learned that he hated shaving. He'd shave for dates and church, but that was it. Work didn't require a clean shave, so usually got away with only shaving once or twice a week. It got to the point where I could tell what day of the week it was just by looking at his beard, and it grew in quite fast. I could even look at photos and tell which day we took it on. Eventually, once he was in school, he started shaving for his internships, but he still wouldn't on days he just had class.

Until about a year ago. Dismayed by the price of razors, he decided there must be a better way. Lo and behold, there is! Blake now shaves exclusively with a double-edged safety razor. He bought his razor and a sampler pack of blades, and he was kitted out with the rest of his gear for Christmas last year.

And thus began his great shaving experiment. Now, he shaves every day (except Saturdays), tries out a new brand of blades every two weeks and uses a variety of soaps, aftershaves, and other supplies. Best of all, he loves it! He also blogs about his experiences, reviewing each blade, soap, or other supply as he goes. It's been a very enjoyable hobby for him to do to counterbalance the rigors of law school. While I had gotten used to the daily scruff, I certainly don't mind the clean shaven look and feel either.

I highly recommend checking out his blog and you can do so here: Man Over Bored.

He has, however, been asked to grow out a beard again at some point next year, maybe while he studies for the bar. It's likely he'll have to shave everyday for the Big Lawyer Job we hope to find soon, but I'd like to see the beard again before that happens.

What do you think - facial hair or no facial for you (on you or your significant other)?

Scruffy face! I think this was a Saturday . . .(At Lincoln's Cottage in DC - January 2013)


Giggles said...

I personally remove as much of my own facial hair as I can.

I never liked facial hair. It had some bad associations with it in my mind. So when Brett told me he grew a goatee I wasn't so sure of that. And then I saw him with it and it took about 5 seconds for me to think "huh" and then I was fine with it. It gives his face contours and he looks thinner with it. And we both kind of like that his family isn't too fond of it.

Also. I love the title of Blake's blog. :D

AmandaStretch said...

I remove mine as well, for sure.

I think Blake would look strange with a goatee, but I love his full beard.

Thanks! I think it's pretty darn clever too.

Heidi said...

I have some weird associations with facial hair, too... I've grown to like the full beard on some men. It depends on the man, of course--some of them look pretty creepy with facial hair.