Friday, November 28, 2014

I wish turkey only cost a nickle

I've heard (and/or seen, really, via Facebook), several friends talk about how much they miss their family this week and how much they wish they could be with them for Thanksgiving. Now, I'm not saying they are wrong for having those feelings, but I have a confession to make.

I don't miss my family today.

Of course, I love my family very much, but right now the most important family to me is my baby family - me and Blake. And Malcolm, of course. My family of origin is a very close second and I enjoy when I can be with them. However, I have become accustomed to not having them around for Thanksgiving. I haven't been with my parents and siblings for Thanksgiving since 2005. Even growing up though, it wasn't just about our own family for the big day. I recall many Thanksgiving dinners with other families and friends. Sometimes just us, but probably less frequently than with others. So, it's never been a family only holiday. Christmas, on the other hand, was always a family only holiday, so I already know I'll miss mine this year, since we'll be with Blake's parents exclusively.

Again, I don't think people who miss their families today are wrong, or don't have their priorities in order, just that for me, I'm just really glad it's only my baby family again this year. We've video-chatted with both sets of parents today, and talked to a few siblings, but I have so enjoyed just having a quiet day as just the three of us. Dinner was really low-key (two crockpots for the win), we've binge watched the end of the first season of Blacklist, we watched the Macy's parade, napped, and we're having a Skype game night with Blake's brother and brother's wife.

It's been really chill and quiet, and I've loved it.

And I think Malcolm has really enjoyed having us around so much today too.


Giggles said...

I haven't eaten Thanksgiving with my parents at their house since 1995. And it was always just us growing up. I might have missed them the first year or two in college. Not missing them doesn't mean I don't love them. But staying home with our baby family means all the leftovers are ours!!

AmandaStretch said...

So many delicious leftovers!

Heidi said...

We got all the pie leftovers this year since Zach did the turkey. :)