Sunday, November 16, 2014

Look, I made a hat, where there never was a hat

Continuing the theme of developing my inner domestic goddess, today I got my craft on.

My ward (congregation) had a women's Super Saturday activity. The church's women's auxiliary, Relief Society, used to focus even more on homemaking skills - cooking, crafting, parenting, etc. - even to the point of calling informal meetings held on days other than Sunday Homemaking meetings. It changed to Home Family and Personal Enrichment meetings when I was in my late teens. In recent years, it's just been changed to activities or meetings. These meetings or activities don't have to focus on traditionally feminine homemaking type skills, and I enjoy when they don't.

But I also enjoy when they do!

Today, I was able to visit for a few hours with church friends, which is especially nice now that I work in the nursery and the only ward member I regularly get to talk with there is my Blake. He's wonderful, of course, but part of the reason for meeting regularly with others is the fellowshipping with others.

And I was able to do it while getting my fingers covered in modge podge and paint!

I made our first Thanksiving decoration:

A simple Nativity:

I especially like nativities wherein Mary (or Joseph, in the case of this one!) is holding the baby Jesus, because, let's be honest, would you really want to put your newborn in a food trough any more than you had to? A high school friend's mom made that point to me once and almost exclusively owned nativities like that. I may add fabric of some sort for a head covering.

And two framed temple silhouettes, one of DC (the first temple we attended together and frequent now) and Logan (where we were married):
Red and green background for our wedding colors!

It was a great and productive morning!


Giggles said...

Impressive! I love real simple nativities like that.

AmandaStretch said...

Thanks! I do too. I realized yesterday that most of my nativities are "cutesy". I only have a couple, really, but they're definitely cutesy. Time to start focusing on some not so cutesy.

Heidi said...

Those are great! I especially like the temples. :)