Saturday, November 19, 2011

We sing the songs that remind us of the better times

What do you remember as the best times you had as a family?

Answering this could take all day. I love my family and we have LOADS of good times, and still have more to come. Road trips, games, moves, random craziness.

Two instances stand out to me though.

The first - mealtimes. Even when I'm home now as an adult - mealtimes are important family times, especially dinner. They are scheduled for times when the most people can attend and you are expected to be there if you can. If anything's more important than a weeknight dinner, it's a Sunday dinner. Breakfasts were often rushed, discussing events of the upcoming day or fighting over who got the pink bowl or cup (seriously, the pink one was the cool one). But dinners - dinners were where we had good talks. And silly talks. And talks that dissolved us all into uncontrollable laughter (you know it's good when Mom can't even stop). And dinners that kept us at the table for long after the food cooled off just because were enjoying each other's company. The food was always good, but it was the company that made it the best.
I spy two aunts, two uncles, two grandparents, one cousin, one mom,  and one cousin's kid. 

The second - anytime my whole family is in the temple is a best time. It is simply the most wonderful place for us to be together. 

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I have enjoyed following your blog and especially love your testimony.
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