Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brothers and sisters and sisters and brothers

What were your siblings like back then, and how did you get along with them? 

As you know, I have two siblings - a brother and a sister. Growing up, we were in a pretty typical sibling relationship - loving each other, playing together, driving each other absolutely batty. 

Brotherface was a stereotypical middle child male - he did all the boy things - frying ants with magnifying glasses, playing sports, being gross. He managed to get into more than his fair share of trouble too, trying to get attention and be his own person instead of following in his goody two shoes older sister's footsteps.

Sisterpants, on the other hand, idolized me. Her favorite color was whatever my favorite color was. She always had to be around my friends and me and tag along with everything I did. Of course, this annoyed me to no end, but I couldn't stop her.

We were all pretty crazy, imaginative kids. Of course there were times we didn't get along, but I don't ever remember hating my siblings for any substantial amount of time. I certainly hope they feel the same way. I really couldn't ask for a better of pair of siblings.

This is a rather general summary, I realize, but I'd rather spend the rest of my evening helping Brotherface and Almost-Mrs. Brotherface assemble centerpieces!

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Giggles said...

I think everyone should have a sibling if at all possible.