Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks to you it will be done

Obviously, I've had a lot to do the last couple of months. Most of it, I've had to do on my own. But I couldn't do it all. Not a chance. So, here's my current list of Heroes of the Day.

Everyone who helped me move - I had about 12 people here on moving day. I was out of the old house and into the new in under four hours. One of those friends and two others came on other days and spent several hours with me, packing and cleaning. I would have to pull multiple all-nighters to accomplish that same amount of work, and there is no way possible I could have moved it all on my own. In short, my friends rock, and I really, truly couldn't have done it without them.

Eilonwy - One Saturday, I spent probably three or four hours trying to download just a free trial version of Adobe Acrobat, since I needed to convert some files to PDF for my portfolio. I finally said "Forget it", changed my Facebook status to request help and went to bed. Enter Eilonwy. She sent me a link to a free download of PDF creating software. My next three hours at the computer (the following Sunday morning) were spent creating all the PDFs I needed. I love not having to fight my computer. Of course, when I thank Eilowny, she credited:

Theater Geek - Once again, this man is brilliant. As Eilonwy said, he was really the one responsible for my new found PDF creating skills. He also helped me figure out how to fix something on my bike (PS, I bought a bike, and I'm super excited about it) today, by sending me a link to a video I would have spent far to long Googling for. I'm often reminded that his wife is a very lucky woman, but I'm very glad to have him for a friend.

Finally, the one that trumps them all, at least to me, is Mr. T, a new character to this blog, but a friend who's been around for the last couple of years, albeit sporadically. While I'm grateful for everyone I've mentioned so far, his acts of kindness left me in awe.

As we were finishing up with unloading the truck, I needed to take it back to the old house so that I could help one of my friends move the couches he was buying from me. It needed to be done and the truck was due back soon. However, the cable and internet guy was coming within the next couple of hours AND my home teacher had inadvertently walked off with my car keys. Mr. T volunteered to wait for the car keys to come back whilst I helped move the couches, and I said we'd be back within 90 minutes, hopefully beating the cable guy.

Well, somehow, 90 minutes turned into 4 hours. Poor Mr. T had been waiting for me at my place for 4 hours. The cable guy had come and gone, and, as far as I knew, Mr. T had just been biding his time puttering around my place. Simply grateful for that, I drove his car back to my new place, dinner in hand.

To what to my wondering eye would appear but a set of boxes that were even more reorganized than I'd left them, neatly stacked in their approximate ending locations. There was room to walk around in, and I could find things. It looked as great as an apartment full of boxes could.

Then, he mentioned he'd been working on my compy. It's 4.5 years old, so of course it's slow, but he was working on some things to speed it up, at least a little.

It was at this point that I realized he'd made my bed. That's right, ladies and gentleman, he had found my bedding and made my bed. I was singing his praises for just patiently waiting for me for four hours, but then I saw the boxes and the compy and the bed, that I was just in awe. Now, the compy ended up taking longer than either of us had expected, but it's done now and running quite well.

Mr. T = The Awesome. And I pity the fool who doesn't know that. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

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