Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The monkey on your back is the latest trend

In my blogging absence, or at the least the period of time during which I did a lot of cop out posts, I kept a running list of things I wanted to post about when I had the mental energy to do so. I've been working on that list, and had grand plans of working on it some more this evening.

Unfortunately, my blog topics list either doesn't make sense any more to me, as in I'm now thinking "How was I going to write a whole post about that and make it even remotely interesting?" or would require illustrations (AKA pictures) and I haven't found my camera cable yet. I did, however, find my battery charger, so there's a whole bunch of pictures sitting there just waiting for me to post.

For example, I could write all about my fun weekend, but talking about the cool planes I saw this weekend just wouldn't be the same as showing them to you.

But, to illustrate with words what I cannot illustrate with pictures:

Brian Regan + Friends + Thunderbirds + F-22s + A-10s + Acrobatic planes + A Zero + More Friends + The Sun + Halo + Even More Friends + No Homework = Super Fun Weekend

I'll find my camera's USB cord or come up with something else to post about soon.


Don't miss me too much.

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